Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Invest in Yourself

Any writer who’s gone out on the Internet searching for advice has likely found this: invest in yourself.

Without the writer, we have no stories. We lose shared experiences and insights. We lose access to the dreams of others. Publishers and critics will come and go, but writers and readers will remain constant.

These days, a writer needs a good computer. Invest in one. Who cares if it’s a desktop or a laptop? It has to please you. If you like techie toys, get them. I love having a wireless keyboard that I can use with both a desktop and a laptop.

If you want to go indie and want to make your own covers, invest in good photo editing software. If you feel you need to improve your basic language skills, take a class. The better your skillset, the faster the words hit the page.

It sounds simple and I know sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s baby steps all the way, but take them. The goal is a better you, and a better you means a better story.

Invest in yourself.


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  1. Such good advice! When I bought a new laptop, the main idea was that it would support my writing so it needed to adequately support the different software I use. I think investing in yourself as a writer includes investing in lifestyle, too. My best action scenes are planned when I'm out jogging, so I should probably have the appropriate gear, etc. Thanks for the post!