Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Jerks

 When I was shanghaied by my alter ego into decided to participate in the 2016 A to Z Challenge, I filled out a calendar page with topics. That was a while ago and now I’m staring at J is for Jerk and wondering what the heck my original thought was.

Maybe I was thinking about those published authors who believe they are God’s gift to the written word. Could be. I’ve come across a few. They don’t think they have to abide by any form of etiquette. They beg promo spots and then refuse to follow the rules. 

They’re published. They don’t have play nice. They’re full of themselves and full of an annoying attitude. I could refer to some of them as bitches but jerk is a bit milder so we’ll go with that.

To the aspiring writers out there - THIS is not a moniker anyone wants to earn. Be fair in your dealings with others, even online. If someone offers you a promo spot, on a blog, for example, follow their rules. Thank them. Return the favor, if you can. Pass it on.

Cyberspace has a long memory. The memory of other authors is even longer. Don't be a jerk.



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