Wednesday, December 2, 2015

IWSG - Christmas multi-tasking

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Silver Bells.
Silent Night.
The Holly & the Ivy.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

Christmas is a fun time of year. All the lights, the sparkle, the music (old and new), the hustle and bustle of shopping. The time I have for myself, that is to say time to even think about writing, gets squeezed down to minutes a week. I understand it, but I don’t always like it much. 

Time was, I tried to force everything into a day. The old adage is “write something every day.” That really doesn’t work for me, but oh, I did try. I thought I was the queen of multi-tasking. It didn’t work, except if you call walking away from writing as Rayne Forrest a good thing. It wasn’t.

I gave up on the idea of extreme multi-tasking. I don’t have to work, take care of my partner, parents, friends and write every day. Do I compartmentalize my life? Yes, I do. Is that a good thing? Perhaps not, but it keeps me sane.

With the Christmas season upon us, I know it’s time to concentrate on family and friends. Some of those friends are other writers and readers so I don’t abandon the Internet to be with family, but I do deliberately divide out my time.

When I first deliberately didn’t write, it was mentally difficult. I’d made plans with a friend to go Christmas shopping for the day. It started to snow so we cut our day short. I suddenly had time to write. The thing was, I was tired. I flopped in front of the television. And that’s when the guilt started picking at me.

Long story short, I overcame the guilty feelings and continued to relax. And you know what? The sky didn’t fall and I learned this lesson - I don’t have to cram multiple activities into one short day. There really is time for me to enjoy the holiday season and that’s what I plan to do.

I plan to be deliberate with seeing family and friends. I’ve planned time for baking cookies, decorating, a little shopping, and yes, a little writing - just not all at once. With any luck, by the time Epiphany rolls around, my house and life will be all squared away for the New Year, all without driving myself crazy.
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To all the participants of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group - A very merry Christmas and holiday season! May your traditions bring you comfort and joy.



  1. It's getting over the guilts that's the trick. I'm still trying to figure out how to do it.

  2. It's a tricky thing. It changes as you change.