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Rayne's Ramblings - Remembering Katrina

As I've mentioned, I've had several blogs over the years. Rather than try to update broken links, after a while, it becomes easier to start over. I'm hopeful that having total control of my work at this point in my career means fewer broken links. You may think a few links is a small thing but when a publisher revamps its entire website and gives all your books new links, and you've been promoting on a regular basis, well, do the math.

We've recently passed the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I saw a news special on it and was thoroughly dismayed people are still talking the same old tired rhetoric and blaming the same people for a hurricane. Have we learned nothing? Why are we unable to move on? 

Instead of continually puffing out one's chest and spouting off about what others did or didn't do in the aftermath of this natural disaster, get off your lazy ass and do something to make a difference. If you listen to the rabble rousers, remember words are cheap, and appropriate actions need no words. These people who've been ranting for ten years? What have they really done, other than go on television and talk? Better take a good look before you buy what they're really selling. 


The following is from the former blog, Through a Glass Brightly.

September 4, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

The tragedy of humanity in the wake of Hurricane Katrina has haunted everyone for these past days. Everywhere you go people are talking about it. Every newspaper has pictures and headlines. Every channel on the television, even the shopping networks, are donating goods and funds to relief efforts. And here is yet another blog, another opinion voiced. Yes, everyone is affected in some way by this natural disaster.

I’m hearing from people, far and wide, that they are giving to the Red Cross. This outpouring of generosity is wonderfully American. And yet I know getting those funds collected and trickling down to the victims of the hurricane will take time. There is bureaucracy to deal with whether we like it or not. As heart-rending as some of the images on the television are, we are still reminded that the universe unfolds as it should and we ultimately have no control over it.

In the days ahead we’ll all be bombarded by messages from this or that organization stating they are giving a portion of their proceeds to relief efforts. Most of these organizations are honest. They’ll do as they say. Others, I’m not so sure about. My beloved was watching something on the television and a commercial came on.

I was in my office and couldn’t see the pictures, but listening to the announcer I was struck by the blatant promotional opportunity that particular company was taking all couched in terms of aiding the victims of the hurricane. I’m glad I don’t patronize that company, and I know that now I never will.

In the midst of the human tragedy, I sit at my computer and write. Working on my newest story has turned into chore. My mind keeps turning to those suddenly homeless, suddenly hope-less. My prayers are with those people. I lost my home and all my worldly possessions in a house fire in February of 1983. How much worse it must be for those people in the south.

I had family that embraced me. I immediately had a warm, safe place to sleep. I did not go without water. Even my dogs found shelter in my aunt’s warm, clean kennel.  I had a job to return to. The outpouring of gifts from my church and my community to rebuild my life, much from total strangers, is something I will never forget.

How much worse it must be for those people hit by the storm. I cannot even begin to know.

My prayers are also with those people who have left their families and their jobs to go and give aid to those suffering. I’m in awe of these people, in awe of the depth of their compassion and dedication. What special people they are to walk away from their lives to go and give aid. They also need support. A gift through your local house of worship will go to support many of them who have trained for this.

Tonight my beloved and I will take a short drive down our country road and park in front of the local church. From this vantage point we have a clear view of the Labor Day fireworks display sponsored by a local business. It is such a simple thing to sit together in the safe confines of our truck and enjoy the fireworks. We’ve done it every year for eleven years now. But tonight I won’t be taking his presence for granted.

In spite of what we see on the news, we are a nation blessed. We care about the plight of our fellow human beings and we do what we can, when we can, to give aid. If we are ever faced with such a tragedy again, we will do even better.

One by one, we each make a difference, and what we receive is more than we give. May our gifts be increased tenfold. 

Blessings to you,


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