Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - To Bed a Spy

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday! This week it's about the sexy girlfriend, or in this case the sexy spy's girlfriend. Here are seven sexy paragraphs from To Bed a Spy, where TJ, our spy, ties Rae to the headboard to keep her from following him and getting into more trouble. It may or may not work....

* * * * *
TJ stroked her cheek and jaw line with his knuckles. What was it about this woman? How had she gotten under his skin, making him second-guess his own judgment? He couldn’t afford to doubt any decision he made. His life depended on making the right call on instinct. 

“I’ll be back, Rae.” He rose and looked down at her. “And no one but me will ever see you like this.” He bent and kissed her, a light brush of his lips to hers. “And it’s their loss, too, darling.”
Her eyes widened. Her lips thinned. “You son of a bitch! Untie me now!”
If only he could. “I can’t. I’ve got to go…”
Christ, could the girl scream! He hastily clamped his hand over her mouth as she hit a high note that raised the hair on the back of his neck. Rae tried to bite his hand. He jerked it away and then grasped her chin roughly.
“Shut up. I don’t have time for this, or for arguments. I’m leaving. If you scream like that again, the neighbors will find you before I get back and they’ll have a lot of questions. Remember, what answers they don’t get, they’ll invent.”
She snarled at him. “I hate you.”

* * * *
About To Bed a Spy:
The fiery gaze of a total stranger across a crowded subway station fuels Rae Browning's overactive imagination. Drop-dead gorgeous, he could have stepped out of one of her favorite novels. After he breaks into her apartment, Rae stops longing for excitement and adventure. She wants her quiet life back. 
Thaddeus Julius Light, TJ to his associates, is a spy in the deep cold, his cover compromised, his life in danger. Rae Browning holds the key to what's going on and she doesn't even know it. Retrieving the data chip from Rae is easy, keeping her safe might not be. TJ is forced to continue his deceptions, enlisting her help to prove his innocence and complete his mission.

Keeping his mind on business isn't easy with Rae at his side. TJ has but one question - what will it take for Rae to bed a spy?

To Bed a Spy is available at All Romance eBooks and Amazon.

Rayne Forrest


  1. Nice snippet. I love the interplay between the characters. This books looks to be very intriguing and interesting. Thanks for sharing, Rayne, and for being part of My Sexy Saturday.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Lynn!