Saturday, September 19, 2015

Loving Luke for MSS #110

It's another My Sexy Saturday blog hop day. Big thanks to Lynn Crain for organizing the blog hop and doing a massive amount of promo on it last week. Be sure and check out the My Sexy Saturday blogs by using the list at the bottom of this post.

Today I'm highlighting seven sexy paragraphs from Loving Luke. I'm really pleased to have this story available again. It's been out of print for seven or eight years, so it was time. Thanks to everyone who stops by Twenty-Six Keys!

- - - - - -
He stroked from her knee to her hip, stopping as his hand brushed over her pocket. Very slowly he dipped two fingers into her pocket and withdrew the foil package. His heart pounded under her palm. He looked at her and licked his lips.

“You know, pretty lady, this changes everything.” He slipped the condom into his jeans pocket.

Chere’s heart stuttered then struggled to catch up to his. The dam broke inside her, flooding her, readying her. Her throat went dry. She didn’t seem to have any saliva to swallow and restore the balance. Underneath the swell of wanting him was a humorous thought. No wonder he’d insisted he needed to move slowly and seemed intent on driving her crazy by wanting to wait. She coughed dryly and forced the words out.

“You didn’t have any with you, did you?”

His arms tightened around her. He laughed softly. “I really didn’t think I’d need one tonight.”

He sounded so sheepish she struggled not to laugh. “Luke. Let’s go to bed."

“Be gentle with me, Chere. It’s been a long time.”

_ _ _ _ _

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About Loving Luke:

Chere Palmer has had enough of boys who only think they’re men, of blind dates and being polite to everyone’s cousins. She’s certainly had enough of the cell phone company that gave her an infamous phone number. She’s ready for a life of celibacy or an honest-to-goodness mature man, whichever way it works out. Right now, it’s late and she wants to go home – alone.

Luke Fisher has had a bad day.  The electric was off, he overslept, the computer network bombed and he had to stay at the office until midnight to restore it, and on a Friday, no less. Now, to top it all off, he’s got a flat tire. Luke calls the number on his roadside assistance card and instead of help, he gets an angry female. He tries to convince her he really needs a tow truck, but she’s convinced he’s out for some fun calling a phone number made famous in a rock song.

It doesn’t take long for Chere to realize Luke’s telling the truth. Taken with his sincerity, she agrees to go out with him and a romance quickly blooms. But Luke’s past is never far behind, and when it catches up to him Chere has to decide to walk away or spend her life Loving Luke.

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