Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forgotten gems

After several lifetimes, I have a new work in progress. And having something new to work on inevitably leads me to the "pause" stage, or the halfway point. This is where I step back and re-read from the beginning before setting the outline for the rest of the story. 

That doesn't mean I'm sitting on my hands doing nothing. A few days ago I opened the folder for Money Back Guarantee. It got some great reviews - 5 Kisses from the old Two Lips Reviews. I gave it a read and was amazed at how clean the old manuscript is, a true forgotten gem. 

It didn't take much to go through it and tighten up a few passages. Then the search for stock for the cover ensued. I've been looking at this for two evenings and I think it's going to be a go as soon as I skip on over to iStock and buy the kissing couple. I like to do a mock-up and look at it a bit before I plunk down my money. I think it makes sense. 

While reading Money Back Guarantee, it struck me what a jewel the story truly is. Our hero is a strong man, but not a chest-thumping Neanderthal. Our heroine is mentally tough and all lady until it's time to not be a lady. They never question that they are equals and they never treat each other as anything else. 

This gem deserves to shine again. I'll be back in a few days with the real cover, an excerpt, and purchase information. Check back!


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