Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring weather

Western Maryland has unusual weather. One day we're as hot as Washington DC, and the next cool as Pittsburgh PA. It can be downright confusing. Yesterday I wore a skirt to work to stay cool and today I wore a sweater. 

We've been keeping an eye on the weather for a very specific reason - setting up our little pool for the season. It needs to be sunny and warm before I'm going to wade in the cold well water to get the bottom of the pool flat with no wrinkles as the water pours in. 

Beyond that, the bedding plants are in the ground. So are four Better Boy tomato plants. I planted marigolds in a circle around them and I hope that keeps the critters away. It didn't last year but I live in hope. 

My beloved's sister wants some hosta so I must get busy and dig a few clumps for her. Two clumps will net her a dozen plants. I think she'll like that. 

I'm enjoying how green the mountain is right now, and my backyard. It's the bright, fresh green of spring but soon enough it will darken to the greens of summer. And summer will bring the humidity to the area. They do say the Mid-Atlantic states are Triple H. That's hazy, hot, and humid. 

I think I might as well prepare myself for cold feet and get the pool up and filled before the hazy, hot and humid happens. I'm a country girl. I'm supposed to be "tuff."


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