Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Today will go down as one of the saddest days in television history. Tonight at ten o'clock, Justified will end its six year run. I'm wearing black. 

Okay, so I wear black a lot, but this is different.

I can't remember when I've enjoyed a tv series as much as I've enjoyed Justified. If you think it's a hick show, well, maybe I'll concede the rural Kentucky setting might lead to that conclusion. But Justified is more wild west than anything else. Raylan's best line? "If you make me pull, you're going down." That's pull his Glock 17 from the holster in case you're wondering. If Raylan has to pull, it's going to be a justified shoot. 

Timothy Olyphant is excellent as Raylan Givens and his portrayal of Raylan will surely go down as one of the greatest character performances of all time. He makes it look so easy! Nick Searcy is freakin' BRILLIANT as Art Mullen. Searcy steals every scene he's in and that's not easy when long, tall, cool Tim is standing next to him. 

Speaking of Searcy, if you want to read something, check out the man's twitter feed. It's addictive. Whether you agree with him (or not) you will be entertained. You might learn a few things, too. 

My beloved and I have already decided we're going to have our own little Justified marathon this summer. Life is so hard here in rural western Maryland we have a television and DVD player on the 16x20 roofed patio, mounted on the house and strategically placed to avoid glare from the skylights. We're going to watch the series, start to finish, while enjoying our evening libation as we dry off from our daily dip in the kiddie pool. 

The residents of Harlan County don't have a thing on us. 


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