Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Hidden Heaven

Finding the perfect title is an authorly pursuit. Sometimes the title comes and then you get the idea for the story. At other times you can be in the midst of the prose and a phrase catches your attention and you turn it into the title. A title based on the overall theme can be good, too. 

And sometimes the author chooses a title that the readership just doesn't "get." I think this is the case with Skipping Heaven. That title came out of the text. What is it exactly ghosts are doing? They're skipping heaven for a little while. The ghost lovers in my story were given their own private heaven to occupy and enjoy for a while. Their mountain home could very well be the "room" prepared for them. 

Skipping Heaven has always been a very personal story. It was written after my beloved was diagnosed with cancer. I'd like to believe love can continue after death but thankfully I'll have a while yet before I find out. He's pretty healthy these days. But I digress...

I decided to re-title this book "A Hidden Heaven." It fits. Justine has found her own private heaven, hidden from view. The only question is will Daniel stay and share it with her? 

Is there love after life? I believe so. 


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