Saturday, September 13, 2014

Skipping Heaven for My Sexy Saturday #MSS59

Welcome to my blog and today's My Sexy Saturday post from Skipping Heaven.

What if you were a ghost and you didn't know it yet? Would there be someone to guide you?
Would you skip heaven if you found your love along the way?


What would he do if she went to the barn? What would he think of her? She must have lost her mind to be entertaining thoughts of sharing a bed with a stranger. Justine leaned against the doorframe, a small sob escaping her.

Her loneliness plucked at her, as did her uncertainty. If Daniel was not the one for her, why had he been sent here?

She straightened and squared her shoulders as she walked inside, her bare feet making no sound to disturb the softly chirping cricket that resided with her.

His horse was almost healed. Daniel would be leaving, maybe as soon as the morning. She couldn’t let him go, not without knowing him. She brushed out her hair and cast about for her old, worn slippers.

The sound of boot heels on the steps brought her up short. A soft tapping sounded on the door.

Daniel had come to her.

She opened the door.

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More about Skipping Heaven:

What if you were a ghost and didn’t know it?

Daniel Woods is passing through the timeless and mysterious Appalachian Mountains on his way to Kentucky and his inheritance. A misstep tumbles him and his horse down the side of a mountain. Battered and bruised, they come upon a small homestead and help in the form of the lovely Justine Noakes. Daniel finds himself inexplicably attracted to Justine - and determined not to embarrass himself by acting on impulse.

Justine recognizes the blue-eyed trouble that just led his horse into her settled world is something she never bargained for. Irresistibly drawn to him, Justine has a problem. She needs to come up with a way to get Daniel to stay in her mountain aerie. The only way that can happen is if Daniel accepts his new reality.

What Justine knows, and Daniel must discover, is that sometimes heaven is found in unexpected places.

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  1. Sounds like a very cute story. I love ghosts.

  2. Intriguing premise. Looking forward to this one.

  3. Very atmospheric 7 paragraphs - and a nice hook at the end! :-)

  4. Very nice! I like how she made up her mind to come and then he was already there. Shows they are connected.

  5. Thanks for stopping by as part of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop!