Sunday, September 7, 2014

Skipping Heaven by Rayne Forrest

Looking back, it's been a long strange road to today. Never when I began writing eleven years ago did I envision a time I'd self-publish a book. But the world spins and publishing houses go bankrupt, disappear with a trace, or they are sold. Have your hard work (books) caught in several, shall we say "events," and suddenly self-publishing options are more viable.

I'm happy to announce that after being out of print for several years, SKIPPING HEAVEN is once more available.


What if you were a ghost and didn’t know it?

Daniel Woods is passing through the timeless and mysterious Appalachian Mountains on his way to Kentucky and his inheritance. A misstep tumbles him and his horse down the side of a mountain. Battered and bruised, they come upon a small homestead and help in the form of the lovely Justine Noakes. Daniel finds himself inexplicably attracted to Justine - and determined not to embarrass himself by acting on impulse.

Justine recognizes the blue-eyed trouble that just led his horse into her settled world is something she never bargained for. Irresistibly drawn to him, Justine has a problem. She needs to come up with a way to get Daniel to stay in her mountain aerie. The only way that can happen is if Daniel accepts his new reality.

What Justine knows, and Daniel must discover, is that sometimes heaven is found in unexpected places.


They reached the barn and she darted to the corral, slipping between the rails and clapping her hands. Lady trotted to her then followed her into the barn. The mare was steady and he had quickly had her harnessed to the little buckboard. Daniel placed his foot on the wagon step, preparing to swing up onto the seat when Justine placed her hand on his arm. He froze, looking down at her.

“Thank you again for doing this,” she said quietly, smiling.

Impulse seized him. He put his boot back on the ground and pulled her into his arms. He caught a quick glance at her eyes before her eyelids closed and she rose on her toes to meet him halfway.

He was not trespassing.

He meant the kiss to be gentle. He meant the kiss to be soft and tender.

He meant the kiss to be something to lure her closer to him and suddenly it didn’t need to be. Suddenly she was as eager for the kiss as he was.

Suddenly she was the one in control of everything but the kiss.

Daniel grabbed what little wits he had left and slanted his mouth across hers. Her trembling lips opened under his as her arms came up around his neck. He moved his lips on hers then swept his tongue over her lower lip, a slow, lazy stroke that made her hold him tighter. A small moan escaped her and it was all the encouragement he needed.

He backed her into Lady’s stall, pulling her down to the clean straw. She clung to him without protest. He rolled her beneath him, never taking his lips from hers, feasting on her as she feasted on him.

She moaned again when he flexed his hips to hers, digging her fingers into his shoulders. He flicked his tongue to hers and she responded in kind. The heat in his groin spread, coiling in his belly. His cock swelled, filling with unbridled anticipation.

He cupped her breast, feeling the hard peak of her nipple through the thin cotton of her shift and bodice. She arched up to him, pulling her mouth from his and sucking in a great lungful of air. He sobered immediately.

God, he couldn’t take her here in the straw, on the ground, in a livestock barn. She deserved clean sheets and a soft bed, a man fresh from his bath, not a restless night spent sweating in the grip of barely recalled dreams.

He rose up and blinked her into focus. She met his gaze without pretense.

“I don’t want you to stop.”


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